The Haunted Landscape

Local Cinema

PARK Han-na | 2023 | Experimental | Color+B/W | DCP | 16min (K, E)

12.3(일) 20:30-21:52 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, N, K, GV, G
12.6(수) 11:00-12:22 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, N, K, GV, G

The narrator, living on the day of August 13, 2080, discovers several video files containing scenery and voices from 58 years ago. The past ordinary life in the video, seem like utopia to her.


The Haunted Landscape is a work of hearing voices of multiple people belonging to the year 2022, through a virtual narrator residing in South Korea in August 2080. With 47 degrees Celsius, 86 consecutive days of heat warning, the film depicts humankind living in a glass dome with limited resources. The voice of 2022, revealed as a documentary, talks about “beautiful songs of birds, sublime nature, and friendly sea.” The voices of the interviewees based on multiple experiences, change their meanings, according to a fictional voice from a dystopian future. In order to capture the impossible landscape of the future in the present, I had to see (imagine) the superimposed future in the present images. I thought of it as dry land, sea that’s become desert, dying beings, 3D images, and beings that are already trapped somewhere in the present. The superposition of images that record such objects, form mutual relationships, and attempt to find the future in the present. Also, the voices and the objects of images, that currently live and breathe as material bodies, but that may roam as bodiless ghosts in the future or from a certain future perspective. Imagining the landscapes of these ghosts seemed to be in line with this work.


2023 제23회 서울국제대안영상예술페스티벌

PARK Han-na

PARK Han-na

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Director PARK Han-na
Producer PARK Han-na
Screenwriter PARK Han-na, PAIK Jin-young
Cinematographer PARK Han-na
Editor PARK Han-na
Music HONG Gwang-min
Assistant KIM Daoon
Cast KANG Na-ru, GOH Dong-hyun, GOH Eun-young, KIM Eun-A, KIM Hyo-jung, KIM Dae-young, JEON Young, CHOI Hye-young