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KO Dong-sun | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 14min 2sec


The factory manufactures safes in which people store valuable things. Keunsu mainly assists others and works with a senior for various parts. Keunsu becomes accustomed to the mindless tasks, and he forgets about the time. However, as the tasks continue, he looks up at a clock and becomes aware of the time.


The film depicts a human laborer who feels time with every fiber of his body but also resists time.

KO Dong-sun

KO Dong-sun


Director KO Dong-sun
Producer KO Dong-sun
Screenwriter KO Dong-sun
Cinematographer YUN Geol
Editor KO Dong-sun
Lighting PARK Sang-wook
Music JEON You-jin
Cast AN Jae-jun, JO Yeong-joo