Feature Competition

PARK Jungkwon | 2022 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 111min 15sec (E)

12.4(일) 17:30-19:21 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, GV, G
12.6(화) 11:00-12:51 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, G
12.7(수) 14:30-16:21 CGV Apgujeong ART1 E, GV, G

A quiet tourist destination town. COVID-19, an unpredictable global epidemic, is spreading all over the world. Ok-sun runs a baeksuk (chicken stew) restaurant near the town where people have stopped visiting. She has a hard time running the restaurant and goes around picking up waste paper day by day to earn even a penny. Her only pleasure in her quiet daily life is to ring the bell at the church instead of her late husband who passed away a while ago. When the bell rings in a quiet town, her smile shines. She just listens to the bell and lets go of her worries and anxieties for a while on gloomy and sad days. One day near Christmas, which is calmer than ever due to an epidemic, she looks forward after hearing that the priest is going to replace the bell.


The world has been changed by a sudden epidemic. Even in the face of despair in a society that has been irretrievably changed, humans never give up hope. I want to show the hope of humanity through Ok-sun looking for something precious.


2022 JeonBuk Independent Film Festival

PARK Jungkwon

PARK Jungkwon

2018 경치좋은자리


Director PARK Jungkwon
Producer LIM Hyeryeong
Screenwriters PARK Jungkwon, LIM Hyeryeong
Cinematographer PARK Jungkwon
Lighting PARK Jungkwon
Editors LIM Hyeryeong, PARK Jungkwon
Music LIM Hyeryeong
Art Directors LIM Hyeryeong, PARK Jungkwon
Cast PARK Sunok