Cup noodles and Peaches

New Shorts

JO Kyoungwon | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 11min 55sec


One day, in the nighttime, Ye-young takes a taxi and gets off at a bus stop to take the bus. She gets off at the stop where Ki-joo has been waiting. One day, when Ye-young and Ki-joo are on a date, Ye-young hides that she took a taxi but Ki-joo finds out. One day, in the daytime, Ye-young who wears mourning clothes regrets that she argued with Ki-joo on the day when Ki-joo found out her lie.


One date night in those days of being immature which reminds me of my foolish face and your sad face. After your leaving, I still don’t know where my guilt comes from, but it prevents me from recalling your smile.

JO Kyoungwon

JO Kyoungwon

2016 You golden me
2020 Stand by you
2020 Doong-ji


Director JO Kyoungwon
Producer YU Sangwon
Screenwriter JO Kyoungwon
Cinematographer LEE Gwangmin
Editor JO Kyoungwon
Lighting LEE Gwangmin
Music Beirut taxi
Art Director KANG Hyunju
Cast ON Jeongyeon, KIM Shinbi