Corona Theater

New Shorts

KIM Se-seong | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min 51sec


When the coronavirus is putting the world at risk in 2021, martial arts director Sang-yong is considering whether to go to the theater or not after a long time. At that time, a mysterious man appears and picks a quarrel with Sang-yong, and eventually the two men face an inevitable confrontation. Sang-yong wins the match but he also gets bloody. However, in the midst of a fight, Sang-yong finds himself in front of the theater. Like the coronavirus that popped up in front of us, why did a mysterious man appear in front of Sang-yong? With curiosity, Sang-yong enters the theater to find the answer.


What message did the coronavirus suddenly appear in front of us to talk about? One thing can be seen is that we are now realizing the importance of our daily lives that we did not know before and are struggling to regain the importance of our daily lives. That battle is like an action movie! Sometimes hot! At times, it went on smoothly. And we will surely win. Like the main character of an action movie!

KIM Se-seong

KIM Se-seong

2015 The lingerie murder case
2015 No U-turns
2016 Interview


Director KIM Se-seong
Producer KIM Se-seong
Screenwriter KIM Se-seong
Cinematographer LEE Hui-seop
Editor KIM Se-seong
Lighting LEE Hui-seop
Martial Arts KWON Hoe-su
Make-up Artist CHOE Eun-hye
Cast KIM Sang-yong, KIM Yong-gjin, LEE Jeong-min