The way to the sun

New Choice Shorts

KIM So-hee | 2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 27min 27sec (E)


Middle school student Najin lives in a motel with his mother. The mother and father are in the midst of a divorce. Najin tries to buy a school uniform without the help of his father and mother. While not going as intended, he falls into play with fire.


People who are deficient grow up through a heart that cares for each other.

KIM So-hee

KIM So-hee

2020 Boy


Director KIM So-hee
Producer SSFilm
Screenwriter KIM So-hee
Cinematographer PYO Tae-wook
Editor KIM So-hee
Music KIM Yun-hye
Producer OH Soo-yeon
Art Director HYEON Ye-bin
Assistant Director OH Woo-ri
Scripter SEO Ye-chan
DI PYO Tae-wook
Sound Mixing HYEON Ye-bin
Recording KIM Soo-hyun
Boom Operator BYUN Seung-yong
Cast SO Woo-jin, PARK Hee-un