Hollywood Kid

New Shorts

KIM Douck-min | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 6min 27sec (E)


For 19 years, the dad has been sitting in front of a monitor writing a screen play to be film director. His son who is a high school student hastily comes back home and says that he came up with an amazing story. The story had every Hollywood movie mixed up; the poor brothers who rob robs a bank with a gun. “What point out of 5?” After the story, the son asks with a look of anticipation. Dad: “4.2 points?” The son is satisfied with the generous score and goes in to wash. The dad starts working again, when a question comes out of the bathroom: “So, Dad. What is the movie for you?” He is stiff at the question. After a while, he can hear the voice of his wife returning home. “I am home. Where is our son? Hungry?” Daily life continues.


Working in film field for 19 years, one day my son asked me “what is the movie for you?” “Well…... I am not sure” What is the movie for filmmakers? What is the correct answer for the question I’ve forgotten for a while? Am I going in the right direction? I would like to see myself honestly.

KIM Douck-min

KIM Douck-min

2020 Small Super Power


Director KIM Douck-min
Producer PARK Jin-suk
Screenwriter KIM Douck-min
Cinematographers KIM Seong-ho, LEE Jae-pil
Editor KIM Douck-min
Recording PARK Hyeon-soo
Music HWANG Sang-jun
Martial Arts KIM Tae-kang
Make-up Artists KO Su-yeon, KIM Chae-yun
Cast HYUN Bong-sik, KIM Dong-hyun