Life of Hae-oak

Feature 4

PARK Eric Jung-hwan | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 94min World Premiere


Lee Ra-el is a student studying for a civil service exam that will transform her life, and is the sole meaning to her mother's existence. While working part-time at an all-you-can-eat restaurant that promises “premium Korean pork, or 100 thousand dollar compensation,” an ill-mannered customer stubbornly asks for “premium Korean pork.” Ra-el is repeatedly forced to bring on new meat to the unyielding customer who is demanding “premium” meat. What has led her life to this point? Will Ra-el make it through?


A story of faith placed in another’s belief from their soured greed. A story of a generation that has lost their own goals, living to fulfill another’s desire.


World Premiere

PARK Eric Jung-hwan

PARK Eric Jung-hwan

2012 The Flight
2016 iLuv
2019 Our Last Memory


Director PARK Eric Jung-hwan
Producer PARK Jung-won
Screenwriter PARK Eric Jung-hwan, CHUNG Jee-in
Cinematographer YU Chan-in
Editor PARK Eric Jung-hwan
Music JEONG Sang-woo
Costume Designer KIM Ga-yeon
Art Director CHOI Hyun
Assistant Director JUNG Jeen-uk
Cast LEE Tae-kyung, JEON Guk-hyang, JEONG Sang-woo, CHO Jun-hee