When You Grow Up

Short Comptetetion

KIM Eun-hee | 2022 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 33min 23sec (E)


Junghee goes to the house of Soyeon, her friend from high school. While waiting for another friend, Boyeong, who arrives late, Junghee, Soyeon, and Soyeon's husband Gangseok, talk about the scenario that Junghee is writing and start a war of words.


What kind of adults will the youths living in this age become when they grow up?


2022 JEONJU International Film Festival
2022 Gjif
2022 Women's Film Festival in Incheon
2022 INFF
2022 The Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
2022 DWFF
2022 Jeju Women's Film Festival
2022 Women's Film Festival in Gwangju

KIM Eun-hee

KIM Eun-hee

2015 Indigestion
2017 Action and Reaction


Director KIM Eun-hee
Producer KIM Tae-kyung
Screenwriter KIM Eun-hee
Cinematographer BACK Jun-young
Lighting LEE Jun-il
Editor LIM Sin-mee
Art Director CHO Yoon-sun
Cast SOHN Su-hyun, AHN So-yo, ROH Jae-won, SONG Jun-hee, KIM Min-seo