Dear Kimsisters in 1959

Short showcase

JEON Chaelin | 2020 | Documentary, Experimental | Color | DCP | 16min 47sec (KE)


During the Cold War, three Korean women left for the United States to succeed as a pop group. They show off their capabilities by absorbing all the images of Asia. The director connects the story of the Kimsisters and the director herself who is studying abroad, and reveals the voices of Asian women that were ignored by men and Western centered power.


For the director who was born in the 1990s, Asian divas of the 1960s existed as vague images. The director collected and sculpted hazy images on how women can achieve physicality in the metadiscourse of modernization and how this image has influenced our generation that remains in the trend of globalization. Through this, the director wanted to include a reflection on the subtle cultural resistance created by female artists from the Cold War to the neoliberal era.

JEON Chaelin

JEON Chaelin

2017 Us into Them


Director JEON Chaelin
Producer JEON Chaelin
Screenwriter JEON Chaelin
Editor JEON Chaelin