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Feminist Video Activism WOM | 2007|Documentary|DV|Color|110min


Coming Out Chun-jae “I have a boyfriend, how can I be lesbian?”
Chun-Jae has been so sure that she's a lesbian until she beginsdating a boy when she enters high school. Doubts anduncertainty begin to cloud her sexual identity.
Outing Cho-i "" Is this love or friendship?”
Cho-i, aged 19, is a high school dropout who goes steady with a girl for the first time in her life, only to find herself agonizing about her sexuality again when the two break up.
Outsider Koma "" Mom, actually I'm lesbian!”
Koma, a high school sophomore, has been ""outed"" and bullied by her younger sisters for a long time. And keeping her lesbianism a secret from even her close friends makes for a hard life.


In a society which detests homosexuality, lesbian teenagers aren't recognized as such. They are invariably seen as merely naive and at an impressionable age, and their homosexual experiences are simply seen as being the shameful experiences of a certain time in their lives. Teenage lesbians have to have the agency to tell their own stories of what it means to be young lesbians - of being objects of hatred, of being judged and criticized for their ""immaturity"". Moreover, the act of appearing in a documentary itself means a coming-out in society, so the protagonists themselves need to be able to determine the degree and content of their appearances.
For reasons such these, we used a ""protagonist-interactive production style"" to give these lesbian teenagers agency over production and a ""self-filming"" style to enable the teenage protagonists to direct themselves.
OUT is a crystallization of relationships made by destroying the boundaries between directors and protagonists, those who film and those being filmed: an interweaving of direction by thirty-something lesbian directors with self-direction by the teenage lesbian protagonists themselves.

Feminist Video Activism WOM

Feminist Video Activism WOM


Director_여성영상집단 움 Feminist Video Activism WOM
Production Feminist Video Activism WOM
Cinematographer/Editor Feminist Video Activism WOM
Art Director Young-sun Lee
Music Ⅸ[gu]
Translator eong-ju Cho
Poster Still eemin
Distribute Sappho
Recording/Mixing Yong-suu Pyo
Self Directing/Cast Chun-jae, Cho-i, Koma