Hot in Day, Cold at Night

Feature Competition

PARK Song-yeol | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 89min 46sec (E)


Young-tae and his wife, Jeong-hee, are basically unemployed, making a living as a part-timer. Nonetheless, the couple is somehow satisfied with their lives, eating, walking, talking and always spending time together. However, their livelihood is threatened by the lack of income. The couple makes a pledge not to use private loans no matter what, fearing they couldn't be saved. One day, they visit Jeong-hee's mom for her birthday. Young-tae finds out that other family members have prepared cash gifts. Young-tae asks Jeong-hee to get a cash advance, but she hesitates at the high interest rate. Unwillingly, they're the only ones who haven't prepared anything at the birthday party. On the way back home, Young-tae feels shabby, and blames Jeong-hee for nothing. Later, Jeong-hee is angry at him, herself and their hard life, and goes to a loan shark to get a private loan.


A married couple who has difficulties earning a living, experience a series of hardships, but they ask for salvation.

PARK Song-yeol

PARK Song-yeol

2013 Night and Dreams
2018 Can We Just Love
2021 Eating out


Director PARK Song-yeol
Producer WON Hyang-ra
Screenwriter PARK Song-yeol, WON Hyang-ra
Cinematographer PARK Song-yeol
Editor PARK Song-yeol, WON Hyang-ra
Lighting PARK Song-yeol
Cast WON Hyang-ra, PARK Song-yeol