Nobody’s Lover

Feature Competition

HAN Inmi | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 136min (E)


When her pregnant mother leaves home with her boyfriend, Eugene finds a job at a pizza shop. Thanks to the people she meets there, she is able to find stability and love. However, the relationship with the lover as well as the relationship with her mother are challenging, and things get increasingly complicated. Eugene thinks she’s ruining everything.


The first farewell to the fantasy around me.

HAN Inmi

HAN Inmi

2013 Till the Break of Day
2015 Permanent Snow
2015 Blossom


Director HAN Inmi
Producer KIM Ilkwon
Screenwriter HAN Inmi
Cinematographer SONG Hyereong
Editors HAN Imni, LEE Younglim
Lighting ALICE
Music KANG Minguk
Art Director JIN Kyunghee
Producers KIM Dongwoo, YOO Jaekyung
Cast HWANG Boun, SEO Younghee, JUN Sukho, WOO Jihyeon, HONG Xabin, KIM Minchul, PARK Jeongyeon, LEE Yuji