Not One and Not Two

Feature 4

SEO Bohyung | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 72min 17sec (E)


Young-mok cuts off all of his relationships and persists in Zen practice to achieve enlightenment. Then one day, he begins to see things. Meanwhile, Ji-woo prepares for a new exhibition and yet struggles to find a new form. In the midst of searching, an image of a strange man comes across her mind.


It is the philosophy of Zen Buddhism that you and I are neither one nor two, and that we are neither the same nor different. Young-mok seeks enlightenment; and Ji-woo, an inspiration. As their paths are interwoven into a story that is neither one nor two, they breathe into each other and coexist. 脫 or Tal (meaning "release") is a letter that embodies the smiling face of a person who has freed oneself from the body. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, where individuals are cut off from one another, I hope this movie conveys the bliss that comes from meeting with others, freeing us from all bondages.

SEO Bohyung

SEO Bohyung

2016 broken sleep
2018 soh
2019 頉 breakdown


Director SEO Bohyung
Producer BONG Suji
Screenwriter SEO Bohyung
Cinematographer KIM Vio
Editor SEO Bohyung
Lighting LEE Junghoon
Music PARK Woojae
Art Director LEE Sujin
Drawing SON Sunkyung
Animation SON Sunkyung
Cast LIM Hojun, OUI Jiwon, SEONG Yonghoon, KIM Hyunjung, JANG Junwhee