I Leave Home

Feature showcase

KIM Sunghwan | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 91min (E)


A film producer Jinwoo will visit his hometown in Wonju to meet his old friend Sungmin, who will enter the temple tomorrow to become a monk. Sungmin asks Jinwoo to drive to that temple. On his way to the temple, Sungmin expresses his belief in Buddhism by saying, "I am leaving home to become a monk today." However, Sungmin was rejected due to age restrictions at Taewoongsa Temple and came back again. A situation where they can't go or stay.


You didn't do anything wrong. The world has made you like that. But people don't change easily. You think it's your fault. I want to tell those people again. It's not your fault. You are wonderful in your own right. Go your own way. That's the way for everyone. Let bugs, leopards, or seals go their own way, don’t stop them.

KIM Sunghwan

KIM Sunghwan

1999 Donggang flows
2003 Our Mountain
2020 Wolsong, The Vanishing Village


Director KIM Sunghwan
Producers PARK Joonho, LEE Imkul, KIM Sunghwan
Screenwriter PARK Jinsoo
Cinematographer EUM Insung
Editor SON Yeonji
Lighting SHIM Jihoon
Music KIM Bohyun
Art Director PARK Jaesung
Cast YANG Heungju, NA Hyunjun