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Sung-geun Bae | 2005 | Fiction | 16mm | Color | 23min


2005 | Fiction | 16mm | Color | 23min Jeong-woo recalls past days as he prepares to go abroad to study. Before graduating from university, Jeong-woo's mother gave him an insurance bankbook and told him to go to study abroad. Jeong-woo wanted to go, but hesitated because of his family's financial situation. One day, Kyoung-en, teaching at an academy after graudation, came to see Jeong-woo with something to say...


I want to walk together with my friends as they take their tired steps looking for a mirage somewhere in the desert and with my future friends I haven't yet met


2005 부산디지털콘텐츠유니버시아드

Sung-geun Bae

Sung-geun Bae

2003 <델리만쥬>


Director Sung-geun Bae
Producer Sung-yeon Kim
Screen Writer Sung-geun Bae
Cinematographer Myoung-ho Lee
Editor Mi-kyoun Ko
Lighting Hee-won Kim, Yoon-seok Back
Art Director Dong-yeon Kang
Sound Bok-nam Ahn
Recording Tae-yeon Kim, Se-sup Oh
Cast Hwa-ryoung Lee, Ji-so Hong, Soon-chul Yoo, Hae-ra Ban, Se-jin Ahn, Kang-yeong Lee