Graeae: A Stationed Idea


Short Comptetetion

JEONG Yeoreum | 2020 | Experimental | Color+B/W | DCP | 33min 5sec (E)


There is a U.S. military base near. The place cannot be seen. In the AR, there are infantries just like me. They are wandering around the symbols of violence with no passages or fences. The film starts with staring the mirage of U.S. and U.S. military which relies on self-fulfilling prophecy. Then it gazes covertness about rise and fall of a place. As the silent ascension of birds shows the air current, some omens can overtake visible things.


While playing AR game called Pokemon Go, I came to find monuments inside the US military base. This territory is not marked on Korean maps. Since a military district is confidential, it has to be marked as a green area on the map for civilians What if I can estimate the location of the monuments registered in Pokemon world, Is the military base visible or not? Starting with finding intimate images around the neighborhood, I tried to diagnose the mechanism of how a location really works.


2020 제21회 전주국제영화제
2020 제24회 인디포럼
2020 제20회 서울국제대안영상예술페스티벌
2020 제12회 DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제
2020 제3회 제주혼듸독립영화제

JEONG Yeoreum

JEONG Yeoreum



Director JEONG Yeoreum
Producer AHN Jeehwan
Screenwriter JEONG Yeoreum
Cinematographer AHN Jeehwan
Editor AHN Jeehwan
Music AHN Yeseul