Feature Competition

LEE Ha-ram | 2022 | Fiction, Experimental | Color+B/W | DCP | 94min 51sec (K)


During the Korean War, a mute boy who lives in the forest is deprived of food by a deserter and starves to death. The dying boy meets a maiden ghost and accompanies her. She leads him through Hell to Heaven, where he is eventually saved.


Personally, this work is consideration of creative activities. It is also question about what to do and how to proceed with a film that is difficult to receive support and help.
This is a story about life, death, and gaze at the sinner. This is a story of a single coincidence that may lead us to heaven, a story of salvation, a story of an inescapable hell, and a story of a new fairy tale made to look like a picture book.


2022 Busan International Film Festival
2022 Independent Film Festival Busan

LEE Ha-ram

LEE Ha-ram


Director LEE Ha-ram
Producer LEE Ha-ram
Screenwriter LEE Ha-ram
Cinematographer LEE Ha-ram
Lighting LEE Ha-ram
Editor LEE Ha-ram
Music LEE Ha-ram
Art Director LEE Ha-ram
Cast KIM Jung-hun, SONG Ahna, LEE Sang-hyuk, KIM Han-sol, Gabi