Weird Spring


Mid length

Sung-yong Park | 2005 | Fiction | Beta | Color | 26min [English Subtitle]


Cable television news reporter Myung-jin got a sudden message for another interview while he was interviewing the aged people at the adult movie theater near to Nam-dae-mun. He arrived at an apartment building for the interview and came across his ex girl friend, Mi-yeon. He slipped into her flat, looking back on the past.


It was spring, everything has changed weird. Desires, dreams...I couldn't see that all I wanted. At that time I happened to read an article about the aged people hanging around at the adult movie theater. I feel like that I was closer to the death than them. I wanted to talk about a moment for self-consolation.

Sung-yong Park

Sung-yong Park

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Director Sung-yong Park
Screen Writer Sung-yong Park
Editor Sung-yong Park
Assistant Director Hye-shin Ahn
Producer Ji-won Yoo
Cinematographer Il-yun Kim
Lighting Chan-yoon Park
Music Kyung-jun Park
Sound Jong-yul Bae, Hyo-jong Kim
Art Director Sun-young Yoon
Cast Kyung-duk La, Yoon-ju Shin