Death Rally

New Shorts

KIM Saetbyeol,KIM Yunjeong,SON Chaeyeong | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 6min 2sec (K)


"There's nothing more to say here." It is a sentence floating in A's head. For A, life has become no longer interesting. At this point, A has nothing to regret or grasp in daily life. Feeling that she is about to die, A has nothing to fear anymore. A wanders around an empty city, spits out saliva in the mirror, pulls out all the drinks from the vending machine, and rolls them on the street. A, who was wandering without a destination, happened to be interested in the "Wish Tree" in front of Exit 8, which was always seen on her way home.


When the New Year comes, we make a wish. We write down our New Year’s wish on the wish tree. There is hope in the wishes of those who wrote it down like that way. Wishes containing gratitude for the days they have lived and expectations for their upcoming lives to be better. I planned this story out of the hope that people who do not have the will to live would have that "wish." The story of the protagonist who tries to steal other people's wishes will actually represent our desire to live better than anyone else. Through this story, I eagerly look forward to the day when everyone's wishes come true.

KIM Saetbyeol

KIM Saetbyeol

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KIM Yunjeong

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SON Chaeyeong

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Directors KIM Saetbyeol, KIM Yunjeong, SON Chaeyeong
Producer LEE Goeun
Screenwriters KIM Saetbyeol, KIM Yunjeong, SON Chaeyeong
Cinematographer CHOI Daeun
Editors KIM Saetbyeol, KIM Yunjeong, SON Chaeyeong
Lighting AHN Gayoung
Cast KIM Eunbi, LEE Seungyoon