Always Behind You


Mid length

Ik-june Yang | 2005 | Fiction | DV | Color | 43min


Chun-ho likes taking pictures, and so does Sung-hee... He is showing her how to take pictures. One day, Suk-ho who has taught him taking pictures asks a favor of filming a still, and Chun-ho promises to go there with Sung-hee. That day, Chun-ho, who arrives later than Sung-hee notices that Sung-hee and Suk-ho become intimate. Oddly he feels that somehow something goes the wrong way. Since then, Chun-ho hears a bad news from his friend, Hyung-gi that he has seen Suk-ho going out with Sung-hee. He makes hard work of it. On his birthday, it happens for him to reveal innermost feelings toward her in an unexpected situation.


"Dear my lover who has already been deep in my heart, I want to say that it is love, true love...." I hope this film inspires those who want to express their love with fresh courage.


World Premiere

Ik-june Yang

Ik-june Yang



Director Ik-june Yang
Producer Joo-ri Kim Screen
Writer Ik-june Yang
Cinematographer Sang Lee
Editor Ik-june Yang
Lighting Sang Lee, Young-ryoung Kim
Sound Dong-hwan Lee
Assistant Director Sung-ju Kim
Cast Ik-june Yang, Yoon-joo Shin, Seung-ill Hong, Jung-se Oh