Stand by Me


Short 3

Ji-young Che | 2005 | Fiction | 35mm | Color | 15min [English Subtitle]


The TV news announces that MR. RONALD REAGAN has died from Alzheimer's disease. The mother, who has never fully recovered from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage, cries because she thinks that she will die like him. While the daughter is trying to call and check in on her mother, the mother doesn't answer, making the daughter very nervous. The daughter rushes back home…


This film is a story based upon the communication between my mother and myself after my mother became handicapped by the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage. (My mother also plays herself in this film.) If it were not for illness and difficulties in life, we could not be reminded of how precious the time is that we have. Happiness is not always perfection, but sometimes happiness is also the journey to understanding. This film expresses my own journey with my mother.


2005 서울독립영화제
2005 제6회 장애인영화제
2005 제12회 토리노국제여성영화제 2등상
2005 제11회 팜스프링스국제단편영화제
2005 제4회 미쟝센 단편영화제
2005 제7회 정동진독립영화제 관객상 땡그랑 동전상
2005 부산아시아단편영화제 경쟁부문 특별언급상

Ji-young Che

Ji-young Che

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2004 < My Name Is Leslie >




Director Ji-young Che
Screen Writer Ji-young Che
Editor Ji-young Che
Art Director Ji-young Che
Production KNUA(한국예술종합학교 영상원)
Cinematographer Sun-young Lee
Lighting Su-young Chae
Music Composer Se-young Kwon
Sound Sei-jin Lim
Cast Bong-soon Seo, Eun-mi Jeon, Chan-kuk Park