Feature showcase

OH Seyeon | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 86min 43sec (E)


One day, “Oppa” became a criminal. I, who used to be a “successful fan,” went through conflicting emotions. Fury, sorrow, and a little bit of embarrassment. I remembered my friends, his fans. Some say they are furious because they trusted and supported him the most, while some say the true fans will be there for him until the end. Can we keep being a fan? No, can we quit being a fan? Nowadays, a hard time to love someone to our hearts’ content, I shall listen to the fans who are suffering because of the love they’ve given.


I failed as a fan because I was a successful fan. Those devout and passionate days got me suffering from a sense of guilt. At the same time, I felt like we were all victims of the crime that Oppa committed. Then, I noticed the remaining fans. I judged them, but I had an uncanny feeling that I could relate to them. I once belonged to them, who argue he is not that type of a guy. Why did I do back then? Why do they now? I, who was all about being a fan, now ask the fans as a director.

OH Seyeon

OH Seyeon


Director OH Seyeon
Producer 해랑사
Cinematographer OH Seyeon
Editor OH Seyeon
Production Design CHOI Nahye
Music JUNG Kyung-in