Soup and Ideology

Feature showcase

YANG Yonghi | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 118min 40sec (K)


One day, the mother tells her daughter that she experienced the Jeju 4.3 uprising especially how she got involved in the uprising and the reason she escaped to Japan. In 2018, after 70 years from the massacre, the daughter and her fiancé take the mother to Jeju Island although the mother starts to lose her memories because of Alzheimer.


Twenty-six years passed since I first took a camera in my hand with the intention of making a documentary about my family, and somehow I’ve ended up with a three-part work. This film might be called the final chapter in the story that began with Dear Pyongyang. The title “Soup and Ideology” refers to my belief that even if we have different values or way of thinking, we should eat and live together without killing one another. I hope my film to be a positive force for aid in understanding each other.

YANG Yonghi

YANG Yonghi

2005 Dear Pyongyang
2009 Sona, the Other Myself
2012 Our Homeland


Director YANG Yonghi
Producer ARAI Kaoru, YANG Yonghi, Baekho JJ
Screenwriter YANG Yonghi
Cinematographer KATO Takanobu
Editor Baekho JJ
Music CHO Young Wuk
Art Director(Animation) OSHIDA Mika
Translation IN Yeni
Cast KANG Jonghi