Ten Oxherding Pictures # 2- Seeing the Footprints


Mid length

Ji-sang Lee | 2005 | Fiction, Documentary | DV | Color | 36min [English Subtitle]


Director Lee Ji-sang who has been making movies for ten years suddenly returned to the farm in 2003, and he released his first work, 'Simwo-Looking for a Cow' in a ten-part series, called Sipwoodo to the public. This film is the second painting after 'To See a Cow's Trace'. "I live at the foot of a mountain named Reojungsan, waiting for him to come. He sent me a letter about his moving, thoughts about his life and sickness... I do a lot of farm work like cutting rice plants, picking persimmons and picking up jujubes. I confessed on bended knees in front of a small temple located at the foot of a hill that my heart is broken. A monk residing in the temple never says anything. He isn't coming." The movie talks about his personal diary and contains parts of his body within each frame. The letter from 'him' communicates and expressed the simple heart of human beings.


I left to look for the ox. The ox seemed to pass through a narrow alley enclosed by the mist. There remain footprints dimply. Where should I go now once I noticed the footprints? I only hope that all of us get along dimly enclosed by the mist.


2005 인디포럼

Ji-sang Lee

Ji-sang Lee

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Director Ji-sang Lee
Producer Il-kwon Kim
Editor Ji-sang Lee
Cast Ji-sang Lee, Deok-bae Im