Annyong, Sayonara


Feature 5

Tae-il Kim,Kato Kumiko | 2005 | Documentary | DV | Color | 107min


Ms.Lee Heeja, a korean, bereaved of the Pacific War has filed a lawsuit against Japanese government to withdraw her father`s enshrinement. Mr.Furukawa Masaki, a Japanese, organized a group to support the trial for the compensation for Korean`s suffering under past Japanese Imperialism. In 1995, they met in kobe first, where it was suffering severely by great earthquake. Ms.Lee`s countenance became stiff. It took a few years for Mr.Furukawa to understand her expression. On June. 2005, After 60 years since her father`s death, she held a memorial service and deeply cried. It was raining and Mr.Furukawa stayed quiety beside her holding his umbrella for her.


60 years have passed since the Pacific War came to an end, which meant defeat to Japan as an assaulter and free to Korea as a sufferer. But the vestiges of the war haven’t been cleared even after 60 years. While Korea hasn’t done the past full of blood and pain, Japan doesn’t reflect their crime of aggression but only shows the signs of militarism again, for example, Japanese history textbooks controversy, recently. This is because we can’t find any further solution under the name of assaulter and sufferer.


2005 제10회 부산국제영화제 와이드앵글 운파상
2005 제9회 야마가타 국제다큐멘터리 영화제
2005 제5회 대만 miniinput & docuforum
2005 제5회 인디다큐페스티발 개막작

Tae-il Kim

Tae-il Kim

1993 <원진별곡>
1995 <분단을 넘어선 사람들>
1995 <어머니의 보라빛 수건>
1996 <풀은 풀끼리 늙어도 푸르다>
1998 <22일간의 고백>
2000 <4월 9일>
2003 <나도 노동자이고 싶다>

Kato Kumiko

Kato Kumiko

2002 <당신은 14세 때 무엇을 하고 있었습니까?>


Director Tae-il Kim
Co-Direct Kato Kumiko
Production Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities, Korean Council for Redress and Reparations for the victims of WWⅡ Atrocities, SPIRITON, The Support Group for the Legal Actions of Former Korean Members of the Imperial Japan`s Military Forces
Producer Il-kwon Kim
Organization Sung-hwa Hong
Cinematographer Ji-hye, Takabe Uko
Editor Il-kwon Kim Assistant
Director Ji-hye Music: Hye-won Jung
Animation Hye-jung Kim
Co-ordinator Ji-na Choi, Ji-hye Chung, Namba Koji
Plan Eun-sik Kim, Honda Tsunao
Cast Hee-ja Lee, Furukawa Masaki