Mid length

Aaron Kim | 2005 | Fiction | 35mm | Color | 30min


Chul-min and Soo-yeon meet in the parking lot of their apartment building. They have met before at the Rehab Center for Suicidal People and both have had committed suicide. And their dry sex. Soo-yeon keeps thinking about killing herself, and she finds herself in the cage of indifference, anonymity and today's modern civilization. In the place of where she can't escape.


I want to show if people living in modern society and civilization are really happy with a code Suicide. I directed under this point 'suicide is another killing' using objective angles. I want to allegorize Soo-yeon's desire to get closer with nature, although living in the modern society, plus that her 'desire in text' cannot get satisfied under any circumstances.


World Premiere

Aaron Kim

Aaron Kim



Director Aaron Kim
Producer Kyu-hong Min
Screen Writer Aaron Kim
Cinematographer Tae-sung Kim
Editor Aaron Kim
Lighting Tae-sung Kim
Art Director Seung-mie Woo
Costume Sang-jin Oh
Make up Hyun-jung Joo
Mixing Hee-goo Jung
Recording Jin-young Moon, Joon-won Seo
Cast Jee-hye Ahn, Dong-sin Kim