New Choice Shorts

LEE Jong-heon | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 13min 17sec World Premiere


With a cast on her foot, Dara rides her bicycle to a job interview. After leaving the uncomfortable meeting, she realizes her bike had been stolen. Only the front wheel remains tied to the power pole. A passerby scolds her for her carelessness. Dara, discouraged, grabs the lone wheel and walks home. To her surprise, she runs into a man carrying a bicycle without a front wheel.


I have had my bike stolen when I was younger. I doubt the thief had any personal malice toward me. I was still disheartened since that bike meant a great deal to me. But truthfully, in his decision to steal my bike, there was no place for “me.” To him the bike was not “my” bike, but rather just a bike. It seems there is no great meaning or reason behind the trivial misfortunes that happen around us. They are so effervescent and shapeless that I often wonder if they really do exist. Do they have faces? Maybe they just happen. And so here we are.


World Premiere

LEE Jong-heon

LEE Jong-heon

2019 Where Does All the Smoke Go…?
2020 Plant Film


Director LEE Jong-heon
Producer LEE Jong-heon
Screenwriter LEE Jong-heon
Cinematographer KANG Jeong-hun
Editor LEE Jong-heon
Lighting BAE Gyeong-geun
Cast KIM Eon