A Lonely Island In the Distant Sea

Feature showcase

KIM Mi-young | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 115min 7sec (E)


Yuncheol, a former sculptor in his forties, now makes a living as an interior constructor. One day, his art school bound daughter, Gina, abruptly changes her path. Gina is attempting a path which Yuncheol once imagined for himself but never took. Yuncheol meets Youngji, a humanities lecturer. With her, Yuncheol can envision a new life together. When he is finally ready to setting down, Youngji leaves him. Yuncheol becomes engulfed by regret and pain.


One's life is also a process of getting to know and learning oneself. The father sees his daughter choose the future and live in reality, which he had only imagined in his head. The life we are living now is accompanied by a desire for another life. The two lives are different paths, but they overlap in the form of aspirations.

KIM Mi-young

KIM Mi-young

2012 Moral of My Time
2015 Upstanding Man
2018 Never Ever Rush


Director KIM Mi-young
Producer LEE Se-jin
Screenwriter KIM Mi-young
Cinematographer LEE Jin-geun
Editor KIM Mi-young
Lighting LEE Jae-geon
Music CHO Kwang-ho
Art Director KANG Chang-ho
Sound LEE Seong-jin
Cast PARK Jong-hwan, LEE Yeon, KANG Kyung-hun, PARK Hyun-suk, CHUNG Su-bin, JANG Jun-whee, KANG Gil-woo