Experience! Life Scene

Short Comptetetion

NOH Yukyung | 2022 | Animation | Color | DCP | 5min 26sec (E)


The ant work hard but not be able to rest properly. The ant, tired of life, wonders why he should live, and the blue bird comforts him, but soon dies. Shocked by the death of the bluebird, the ant suffers between life and death. Then, he finds a little illumination from the flowers blooming at the bird's grave and decides to live happily if possible.


It’s hard to live, but I can’t die. What should I do? After agonizing, I came to the conclusion that it is profitable to live a happy life! I hope other people are happy too.


2022 Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival
2022 Seoul Indie-AniFest

NOH Yukyung

NOH Yukyung


Director NOH Yukyung
Producer NOH Yukyung
Screenwriter NOH Yukyung
ditor NOH Yukyung
Music Youtube Library
Cast NOH Yukyung, JEONG Sunghoon