The Initial Memories

Feature Competition

AHN Sun-kyoung,JANG Kun-jae | 2023 | Fiction | Color+B/W | DCP | 120min (E) World Premiere

12.2(토) 20:00-22:00 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, GV, 15
12.4(월) 11:10-13:10 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, 15
12.7(목) 17:10-19:10 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, GV, 15

The actors in the acting workshop are given the task of portraying each other in a character-building class. Kum-ju, Dong-geun, and Min-ju form a team of three, while Yo-sun and Eun-kyung form a team. Their task is to create the "first memory" of their character. The task is to find the initial memories in the character's mind, the memory that has become the character's unconscious. The instructor decides to capture their performances on film. The actors leave to find their own spaces, and Dong-geun and Kum-ju travel down to Mupung-myeon, Muju-gun, the hometown of Min-ju. As they travel through the town together, they each recall their childhood and feel connected to each other.


I realized that the principles of acting, are the same as the principles of relationships. Acting is about revealing yourself and relating to others. Thus, by following the process of learning to act, you also learn about your own fears and how you relate to them in order to protect yourself. The story was conceived around one of the lessons of acting: characterization. It's when two people work as a team to imitate each other, and by playing the other person, they have a moment where they become one. In order for me to become the other, I have to let go of my own fears, approach the other, and have the courage to look at the other's fears. There is also the difficulty of breaking the prejudices we have about people and looking at ourselves. By visualizing this process, I want to show the universal aspects of relationships and conflicts in life.


World Premiere

AHN Sun-kyoung

AHN Sun-kyoung

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JANG Kun-jae

JANG Kun-jae

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Directors AHN Sun-kyoung, JANG Kun-jae
Executive Producer KIM Woo-ri
Producer YOUN Hee-young
Screenwriters AHN Sun-kyoung, JANG Kun-jae
Cinematographer JANG Kun-jae
Editors LEE Yeon-jeong, AHN Sun-kyoung, JANG Kun-jae
Music SUNG Ho-jun
Cast SEO Dong-geun, LEE Kum-ju, KANG Min-ju, BAEK Yo-sun, JO Eun-kyung, EOM Seon-yeong, KANG Dong-yun, PARK Jong-hwan