A Beautiful Wife


Short 5

You-rim Lee | 2004 | Fiction | DV | Color | 17min 20sec


A man who, at dawn, sneaked out of his house, without his wife’s knowledge, to meet a labor union branch chairman who had killed himself while on strike is found dead on No.4 crane dock. Colleagues of the husband tells the wife that he killed himself because he was devastated by the death of the union branch chairman, and to this, the wife responds angrily, saying that is was an accident. During that day, the company and the labor union each tries to interpret the cause of the death to their own advantage and each give their respective offer to the wife at the same time regarding the funeral. For that day after her husband’s death, the wife holds two agreements in her hands and never believes that her husband ended his own life, choosing a death over her.


There is a woman in her mid_30s who is only good at house work and only finds a meaning of life through her family. How can she live on if her family vanishes into the air? When her husband died when the man ended his own life, deserting his wife, she denies all. She denies that she was abandoned in order to live.


2005 제9회 인권영화제
2005 제5회 퍼블릭 액세스 시민영상제
2005 제4회 장르의 상상력전 미쟝센단편영화제

You-rim Lee

You-rim Lee

2004 <유서>
2004 <거침없이, 해피엔드>


Director You-rim Lee
Producer Hye-Jin Park
Screen Writer You-rim Lee
Cinematographer Hye-min You
Editor You-rim Lee
Lighting Kyeo-woon Jeong
Sound Koh-Eun Choi, San Kang
Cast Hyung-ju Moon, Jae-yeon Han