Peace is Walking through The People

Short showcase

HAHM You-seon | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 23min 23sec


The naval base has been constructed in Gangjeong Village, Jeju. The village seems troubled as it’s always been for years due to coexistence of two different forms of peace. Can Gangjeong maintain its peace with the opposing beliefs of peace clashing unceasingly?


It has long been a pain deep inside me to have witnessed the tragic outlook of Gangjeong ever since I visited back in 2014 during my high-school years. Then I overheard the news saying there are still ongoing conflicts there. What makes those people give Mass day in, day out in front of the naval base for over 11 years now since the construction has finished?

HAHM You-seon

HAHM You-seon


Director HAHM You-seon
Producer HAHM You-seon
Screenwriter PARK Seo-ha
Editor HAHM You-seon