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IM Heung-soon | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 75min 29sec (KN, E)


The bride and groom kiss at the wedding hall. Not all the guests are wearing masks. A, who is in the field of film, reckons it strange, and then B, a friend of A, tells him the pandemic has been eradicated and asks A how he could not know it. At that moment, A wakes up from his dream. The situation never ends and the world heads toward an unpredictable future.


HUG is a film created using real life footages of people involved in the film sector around the world in the era of COVID-19. This film deviates from our current interests in vaccines and treatments, and rather let us rethink and reflect upon the possibility of what we have lost, what we thought was worthless, and what we did not want to reveal. As humanity sails in the same boat of terrible reality, but dreams the same dream of regaining our daily lives back, this film intends to be a “Voice Chorus” for such hope.

IM Heung-soon

IM Heung-soon

2014 Factory Complex
2019 Things That Do Us Part
2020 Good Light, Good Air


Director IM Heung-soon
Producer KIM Min-kyung(mk)
Screenwriter IM Heung-soon
Cinematographers Film industry workers in 9 countries
Editor LEE Hak-min
Music CHUNG Narae
Cast Film Industry Workers in 9 Countries