That Summer’s Lie

Feature 4

SOHN Hyun-lok | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 138min (E)

12.1(금) 14:20-16:38 CGV Apgujeong ART1 E, GV, 15
12.3(일) 17:00-19:18 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, GV, 15
12.6(수) 12:20-14:38 CGV Apgujeong 3 E, 15

Da-young, a first-year high school student, living in a village by the sea, realizes that she had homework for the summer vacation. She begins to write down her memories with her ex-boyfriend, Byung-hoon. After its submission, her teacher demands her to write a letter of apology, and Da-young writes down further on the lies of that summer, of which she didn't want to recall. After the unforgettable summer with Byung-hoon, who put an end to their relationship as soon as the summer vacation began, Da-young stays at school to complete the letter of apology, while being criticized by her teacher for having done things she should not have, as a student.


The film explores how difficult love is, through the image of a teenage couple, facing new emotions and heavy responsibilities of love, during the period of adolescence. Hopefully it will be possible to discover, the strength of pure love, present in the shaking love of teenagers.


2023 제28회 부산국제영화제 국제영화비평가협회상

SOHN Hyun-lok

SOHN Hyun-lok

2017 Nowhere to Go
2019 Park Dong-hyuk, Dong-chul
2022 Girl at a Window


Director SOHN Hyun-lok
Producers SOHN Hyun-lok, NAM Ui-jeong
Screenwriter SOHN Hyun-lok
Cinematographer LEE Do-won
Editor SOHN Hyun-lok
Lighting LEE Khang-hoon
Art Director NOH Ju-yeon
Assistant Director SHIN Seung-ho
Cast PARK Seo-yoon, CHOI Min-jae, YU Eui-tae