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KIM Eun-young | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 63min

12.4(월) 18:00-19:03 CGV Apgujeong 2 GV, G
12.6(수) 20:20-21:23 CGV Apgujeong 4 GV, G

Five years into the company, Hye-in is still the youngest. The business report shall be made to the monk in charge of correction and correction of the publisher of the temple. Thanks to the rush of work and customers testing their patience, they travel back and forth between paradise and hell a day.


Here are some office workers whose temples are companies. At first glance, the work life of wearing robes, reporting work to monks, and offering balwoo for lunch seems unique and fun, but if you look at it, there is no jungle like this. It's not a company to envy, the work you do is insignificant, and your salary is poor. He is a common office worker who takes his boss's words to heart like the Buddha's law and keeps his food bowl flat against customers' abuse of power. Look at them saying that pride is originally empty, and they grab the back of their neck and, uh, isn't that about me? I'm crying because I want to. Then you'll suddenly think like that. I wasn't the only one. This is okay. You will be comforted and relieved. Maybe you'll feel warm happiness. The story of the staff of the publishing house next to the temple, which moves between heaven and hell countless times a day in the strange landscape of temples, companies, and temples.

KIM Eun-young

KIM Eun-young

2016 Secondhand, Paul
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2022 Breathe


Director KIM Eun-young
Producer HWANG Young
Screenwriter HEY Song
Cinematographer JEON Sang-jin
Editor KIM Eun-young
Lighting JEON Sang-jin
Music SHIM Sang-myung
Art Director Goranibooks
Cast KIM Yeon-gyo, JANG Ri-woo, SON Ye-won