Feature Competition

KIM Kyung-rae | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 94min World Premiere

12.2(토) 17:20-18:54 CGV Apgujeong 3 N, GV, 15
12.5(화) 14:30-16:04 CGV Apgujeong ART2 N, GV, 15
12.7(목) 13:10-14:44 CGV Apgujeong 4 N, 15

Kyung-min, an English tutor, has been dating Seon-hee for three years. Kyung-min likes Seon-hee, but feels frustrated by her pressure to get married. Seon-hee would occasionally ask Kyung-min to attend one of her friend’s weddings together, but he refuses each time feeling burdened. One day, Seon-hee pleads Kyung-min to come to a wedding, as she was to receive the bouquet from the bride, but Kyung-min refuses again, leading to a serious dispute.
Kyung-min meets Young-won, a piano teacher, through one of his students. Young-won tells Kyung-min that she wants to learn English to watch films without subtitles. Kyung-min tells Young-won that he is interested in piano, after one of their tutoring sessions. Young-won suggests that he takes piano lessons from her. The two decide to exchange tutoring sessions from that day on. Gradually, they develop feelings for each other which later turns into a romantic relationship.


When I write a screenplay, I try to think of the structure first. The structure comes to my mind as an image, like Lego blocks that can be moved around, eventually building into a form. While designing the structure of this film, I came across Georges Seurat's pointillism. It gave me an idea of combining two stories from different timelines, into what seems like one chronological timeline, with the narrative returning to the very beginning, at the ending.


World Premiere

KIM Kyung-rae

KIM Kyung-rae

2018 while you play
2019 Sand
2021 Film for the coming winter


Director KIM Kyung-rae
Executive Producers LEE Seung-moo, CHOI Yong-bae
Producers LEE Tae-gyum, Nandin Erdene-Ganbaatar
Screenwriters KIM Kyung-rae, CHUNG James
Cinematographer KIM Jin-bum
Editors KOO Dae-hee, KIM Kyung-rae
Lighting HEO Ki-yeon
Music SHIM Kyu-min
Art Director CHOI Ye-rin
Cast CHUNG James, LEE Yu-ha, JEON Han-na