Snow in Midsummer


CHONG Keat Aun | 2023 | Fiction | Color+B/W | DCP | 116min (KN, E)

12.3(일) 13:20-15:26 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, KN, OT, G
12.8(금) 14:20-16:16 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, KN, G

On 13th May 1969, while Eng and her mother are watching the Chinese opera at a Temple in Kuala Lumpur, her father Kooi and brother Yeow are at the Majestic Theatre. Amid post-election tensions a violent riot takes place, and Eng loses contact with her fatherand brother, as the Prime Minister declares a national state of emergency. On 13th May 2018, Eng comes across the Chinese opera chief who confronted the local government on that same day 49 years ago. Together they share a moment of powerless remembrance of a more peaceful period in time.

CHONG Keat Aun

CHONG Keat Aun

2017 Cemetery of Courtesy
2020 The Story of Southern Islet
2022 Dayang Bersiong - The Sinful Cook


Director CHONG Keat Aun
Production Company Janji Pictures,
CO-Production Company Swallow Wings Films, August Pictures, Southern Islet Pictures
Executive Producer Jment LIM, CHOW Wai Thong, Zoey TENG, Albert YAO
Producer WONG Kew Soon
CO-Producer CHOW Wai Thong, Jennifer JAO, Gene YAO, CHONG Keat Aun
Screenwriter CHONG Keat Aun
Cinematographer Jerry HSU
Editor GOH Ai Chen
Music YII Kah Hoe, CHONG Keat Aun
Sound TU Duu-Chih, WU Shu-Yao
Cast WAN Fang, Pearlly CHUA, Rexen CHENG, Pauline TAN, Peter YU, Alvin WONG