Wa-Bull(The Sleeping Buddha)


LEE Yong-bae | 1991 | Animation | Color | DCP | 6min (N)

12.2(토) 15:30-16:05 CGV Apgujeong ART1 N, CT, 12
12.8(금) 15:00-15:35 CGV Apgujeong ART2 N, 12

This film is based on a tale about the Sleeping Buddha at Unju Temple in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do. In the past, among the people living nearby, there was a tale passed on from mouth to mouth that if they build a Thousand Buddhas Pagoda overnight, the world will be recreated, becoming a world of the people. Despite the hardships in history vividly depicted with figures like beggars and goblins, the people live believing that the sleeping Buddha will one day finally wake up.

LEE Yong-bae

LEE Yong-bae

1984 니무룻의 초상
1989 87에서 89로 전진하는 노동자
1991 빨강 도깨비, 파랑 도깨비, 노랑 도깨비
1992 빌보드 사인
1995 소나기


Director LEE Yong-bae