WANG Toon, WU Nien-jen, WEI Te-sheng, CHENG Wen-tang, SHEN Ko-shang, WANG Shaudi, CHEN Yu-hsun, Sylvia CHANG, CHU Yen-ping, CHEN Kuo-fu, CHANG Tso-chi, CHENG Yu-chieh, HO Wi Ding, HOU Chi-jan, Leon DAI, CHUNG Mong-hong, YANG Ya-che, HSIAO Ya-chuan, Arvin CHEN, HOU Hsiao-hsien | 2011 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 114 min (KN)


10+10 was a project initiated by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to demonstrate the solidarity between Taiwanese filmmakers. 20 directors are invited to make a 5-minute short film each on the theme of the “Uniqueness of Taiwan,” but allowed total freedom in all other aspects. This collaboration would be a great inspiration for filmmakers and audiences.

The Ritual
Continuing the theme in his Hills of No Return, Wang tells a story of two brothers going up the hill to pay their respects to gods as their wishes are granted.

A Grocery Called Forever
Even the old neighbours are going to 7-11! The business of an old grocery named“Forever” is dying. The old man and his son put a bet on its future.

Lin Ching-Tai, a priest born and bred in a small village, becomes the hero in the Taiwanese epic, Seediq Bale. Now, what does he want to say to God?

Old Man & Me
An old man gets lost on the country road. He forgets his way home but remembers so many things in the past. “Thank you for looking for me,” he says.

Bus Odyssey
The bus driver not only obeys all traffic rules but advocates passenger etiquette. One day, one man barges in onto the bus.

Destined Eruption
A woman travelling on her own spends a night in the countryside in Taitung. In the middle of the night, she finds an unexpected visitor in her room.

Hippocamp Hair Salon
People’s memories are stored in the hippocampus in the brain. “Hippocamp Hair Salon” gives you a chance to wash away either happy or sad memories!

The Dusk of the Gods
Adapted from Lu Zheng-Da’s essay with the same title, the letter written by the preacher to the prisoner facing death penalty reveals a rare moment of tenderness in a violent society.

The Orphans
A disabled girl and a blind middle-aged man. Left by the veterans who fought in Burma, they’re denied Taiwanese citizenships. The city feels no different to a war zone to them.

The Debut
1968. A 15-year-old singer is sobbing as she made a mistake in the rehearsal. A miracle happens and it changes not only her fate but the history of Chinese pop music.

1949. When people of Kinmen are fighting fiercely in the Battle of Guningtou a young girl is going through the most surreal experience in her life.

Unwritten Rules
The crew arrives on the scene and finds a R.O.C flag. The director asks it to be removed in panic or his film cannot be screened in China.

100 documents the daily routine of an 100-year-old grandpa. Every day, he walks a long distance on the narrow mountain road to get his post.

Green Island Serenade
1954–Green Island Serenade sung by Chi Lu-Hsia was heard through the speakers in Taipei New Park as the crowds listen quietly. 2011–Chi keeps singing in a recording studio.

In a bustling city a girl is enjoying everything around her. Then she starts dancing in the glistening light reflected from the streetlamps.

Four high school students are bullying a fat classmate in the toilet. Later in the evening, together with some tough guys, the fat boy’s uncle pays them a round of visits.

The Singing Boy
Although the boy gets punished every day, he keeps humming “Ode to Joy” with a smile. The girl is always the first in the class, but she wants to sing the song too.

Something’s Gotta Give
A girl in cocktail dress rushes into a shop with a snapped bra strap. The shop is closing. They can either ask her to leave or solve her problem.

Lane 256
A couple who are about to get married are moving into their new home. The washing machine is too big to go through the staircase. Lifted by a crane, it gently swings in the air.

La Belle Epoque
An old house in the small town of Tongluo. One afternoon when a young woman finds the old jewellery the memories of her great grandma come rushing back to her.


2011 제48회 금마장영화제 개막작
2012 제62회 베를린영화제

WANG Toon, WU Nien-jen, WEI Te-sheng, CHENG Wen-tang, SHEN Ko-shang, WANG Shaudi, CHEN Yu-hsun, Sylvia CHANG, CHU Yen-ping, CHEN Kuo-fu, CHANG Tso-chi, CHENG Yu-chieh, HO Wi Ding, HOU Chi-jan, Leon DAI, CHUNG Mong-hong, YANG Ya-che, HSIAO Ya-chuan, Arvin CHEN, HOU Hsiao-hsien

WANG Toon, WU Nien-jen, WEI Te-sheng, CHENG Wen-tang, SHEN Ko-shang, WANG Shaudi, CHEN Yu-hsun, Sylvia CHANG, CHU Yen-ping, CHEN Kuo-fu, CHANG Tso-chi, CHENG Yu-chieh, HO Wi Ding, HOU Chi-jan, Leon DAI, CHUNG Mong-hong, YANG Ya-che, HSIAO Ya-chuan, Arvin CHEN, HOU Hsiao-hsien

1987 Straw Man
1989 Banana Paradise
1992 Hill of No Return
1996 Red Persimmon
2002 A Way We Go
2005 Fire Ball
2015 Where the Wind Settles

WU Nien-jen
1994 A Borrowed Life
1996 Buddha Bless America

WEI Te-sheng
1999 About July
2008 Cape No. 7
2011 Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale I
2011 Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale II
2014 Kano
2017 52Hz, I Love You

CHENG Wen-tang
2002 Somewhere Over the Dreamland
2004 The passage
2006 Blue Cha Cha
2007 Summer’s Tail
2009 Tears
2015 Maverick
2017 Tshiong

SHEN Ko-shang
2009 Baseball Boys
2012 A Rolling Stone
2015 Murmuring Days
2018 LOVE Talk

WANG Shaudi
1996 Accidental Legend
1997 Yours and Mine
1998 Grandma and Her Ghosts
2004 Bear Hug
2010 Ku Ma
2015 The Elephant Apartments

CHEN Yu-hsun
1995 Tropical Fish
1997 Love Go Go
2013 Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast
2017 The Village of No Return
2020 My Missing Valentine

Sylvia CHANG
1995 Siao Yu
1996 Tonight Nobody Goes Home
1999 Tempting Heart
2004 20 30 40
2008 Run Papa Run
2015 Murmur of the Hearts
2017 Love Education

CHU Yen-ping
1980 The Clown
1995 China Dragon
2005 Killing Two Birds with One Stone
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2010 Just Call Me Nobody
2012 New Perfect Two
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CHEN Kuo-fu
1989 Highshool Girls
1993 Treasure Island
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2009 The Message

CHANG Tso-chi
1996 Ah Chung
1999 Darkness and Light
2002 TheBest of Times
2010 When Love Comes
2013 A Time in Quchi
2015 Thanatos, Drunk
2019 Synapses
2022 Red Horse in the Summer Sky

CHENG Yu-chieh
2001 Summer, Dream
2006 Do Over
2009 Yang Yang
2012 My Little Honey Moon
2015 Wawa No Cidal
2020 Dear Tenant

HO Wi Ding
2009 Pinoy Sunday
2014 The Biggest Toad in the Puddle
2015 Our Sister Mambo
2017 Beautiful Accident
2018 Cities of Last Things
2021 Terrorizers

HOU Chi-jan
2005 Taiwan Black Movies
2010 One Day
2012 When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep
2016 Ode to Time

Leon DAI
2001 Summers
2002 Twenty Something Taipei
2009 Cannot Live Without You

CHUNG Mong-hong
2006 Doctor
2008 Parking
2010 The Fourth Portrait
2013 Soul
2016 Godspeed
2019 A Sun
2021 The Falls

YANG Ya-che
2008 Orz Boyz
2012 Girlfriend Boyfriend
2017 The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful

HSIAO Ya-chuan
2001 Mirror Image
2010 Taipei Exchanges
2018 Father to Son

Arvin CHEN
2006 Mei
2010 Au Revoir Taipei
2013 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
2022 Mama Boy

HOU Hsiao-hsien
1985 A Time to Live, A Time to Die
1986 Dust in the Wind
1987 Daughter of the Nile
1989 A City of Sadness
1993 In the Hands of a Puppet Master
1995 Good Men, Good Women
1996 Goodbye, South, Goodbye
1998 Flowers of Shanghai
2001 Millennium Mambo
2003 Café Lumière
2005 Three Times
2007 Flight of the Red Balloon
2015 The Assassin


The Ritual
Director WANG Toon
Producer HU Hsin Yi
Cinematographer Mahua Hsin Hua FENG
Editor LAI Meng-jie
Cast TSAI Ming-hsiu, HSIEH Chi-wen

A Grocery Called Forever
Director WU Nien-jen
Producer CHENG Nien-hsiang
Cinematographer WANG Chun-ming
Editor LIN Yung Yi
Cast LI HOU Lou-yuan

Director WEI Te-sheng
Producer HUANG Chih-ming
Cinematographers LIAO Ching Yao, HUANG Hung-chi, WANG Yen-ni, CHIANG Yi-ning
Editor CHEN Hsiao-tung
Cast LIN Ching-tai

Old Man & Me
Director CHENG Wen-tang
Producer CHOU Jiun-hua
Cinematographer CHANG I-feng
Editor CHANG I-feng
Cast LAI A-jie

Bus Odyssey
Director SHEN Ko-shang
Producer LI Meng-chien
Cinematographer CHIEN Yu-tao
Editor HUANG Kuan Chun
Cast Nikki HSIEH

Destined Eruption
Director WANG Shaudi
Producer Jeyi AN
Cinematographer HUANG Tien-jen
Editor CHEN Hsiao-tung
Cast KOU Chia-jui, Jenny LIAO

Hippocamp Hair Salon
Director CHEN Yu-hsun
Producer TSUI Tung-chien
Cinematographer Sam Hu
Editor WEI Hao-chih
Cast LEE Lieh, KO I-chen, Laurence KO

The Dusk of the Gods
Director Sylvia CHANG
Producer Atyn LIN
Cinematographer Joshua LIN
Editors Sylvia CHANG, Sky DOMINIC
Cast David CHANG

The Orphans
Director CHU Yen-ping
Producer LIN Sheng-kuo
Cinematographer PUN Yiu-ming
Editor CHEN Po-wen
Cast CHANG Fang-yi

The Debut
Director CHEN Kuo-fu
Producer Eason KO
Cinematographer Jake POLLOCK
Editor CHEN Hsiao-tung
Cast Peggy TSENG, Doris WANG, CHEN Yu-hsun

Director CHANG Tso-chi
Producer GAO Meng-jie
Cinematographers LI Jian-hung, CHANG Yi-ming
Editor CHANG Tso-chi
Cast CHENG Shih-hua, WU Li-yuan

Unwritten Rules
Director CHENG Yu-chieh
Producer LIN Shih-ken
Cinematographer LIAO Ching-yao
Editor HSU Hung-yuan
Cast KAO Ying-hsuan, HUANG Jian-wei, CHANGChieh

Director HO WiDing
Producer HU Chin-hsin
Cinematographer Jack POLLOCK
Editor HSU Wei-yao
Cast: CHENG Chin-shan

Green Island Serenade
Director HOU Chi-jan
Producer Aileen LI
Cinematographer KWAN Pun-leung
Editor LIAO Ching-sung
Cast CHI Lu-hsia, JIAN Man-shu, He River HUANG

Director Leon DAI
Producer LIU Wei-jan
Cinematographer CHANG Hsiang-yu
Editor CHANG Hsiang-yu
Cast KWAI Lun-mei

Director CHUNG Mong-hong
Producer SONG Ming-chung
Cinematographer CHUNG Mong-hong
Editor LO Shih-jing
Cast Jack KAO, LUYi-ching, Leon DAI

The Singing Boy
Director YANG Ya-che
Producer WANG Min-li
Cinematographer CHOU Yi-hsien
Editor CHEN Hsiao-tung
Cast LEE Kuan-yi, QIU Qin-Quan, Matt WU

Something’s Gotta Give
Director HSIAO Ya-chuan
Producer HSIAO Jui-lan
Cinematographer LIN Tse-chung
Editor Fem FAN
Cast Zaizai LIN, Era WANG

Lane 256
Director Arvin CHEN
Producer LIU Wei-jan, LEE In-Ah
Cinematographer Fisher YU
Editor Arvin CHEN
Cast Joseph CHANG, Angela CHANG

La Belle Epoque
Director HOU Hsiao-hsien
Producer LIAO Ching-sung
Cinematographer YAO Hung-i
Editor LIAO Ching-sung
Cast SHU Qi, MEI Fang