HSU Chao-jen | 2012 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 114 min (KN)


Do you still remember being a 17-year-old? Everyone around Xiao Yang, a 17-year-old high school boy, keeps secrets and suffers from heartbreak. His father runs a print shop and meets a girl next door, Li who is about to get married soon. Meantime, his shopkeeper mother gets close to her neighbor tailor, Shian. Yang tries to set up a date for his sister Lang who just got dumped. Also, Yang needs to cover his friend Mao who has a lovers’ quarrel to girlfriend Tian. As the only one who’s alone, Yang quietly witnesses the romances from a distance and secretly reads those love letters he helps deliver.


The charm of personality of each person is created by ordinary and unique details of day life. We forget these details easily when we live with others. But when something special happened in our life, the unique personality would be redefined. I try to picture the different images of each soul with a free style.


2012 부산국제영화제
2013 베를린국제영화제
2013 금마장영화제
2013 아시안필름어워즈
2013 홍콩국제영화제
2013 타이베이영화제 신인배우상, 신인감독상 특별언급, 언론상

HSU Chao-jen

HSU Chao-jen


Director HSU Chao-jen
Production Company REDIRON Co Ltd.
Producer LIU Ta-wu
Screenwriters CHUANG Shih-hung, HSU Chao-jen
Cinematographer HSIA Shao-yu
Gaffer TING Hai-te
Editor LIAO Ching-sung
Music Blaire KO
Art Director TANG Chia-hung
Cast HUANG Shao-yang, Kenny BEE, Umin Boya, LEE Lieh, Sonia SUI