SIFF2022 International Invitation: Next Generation after the Taiwanese New Wave Cinema


SIFF2022 International Invitation:

Next Generation after the Taiwanese New Wave Cinema


This year, we focus on Taiwanese films. In the wake of the fall of mainstream commercial films and the stagnation of the film industry, the Taiwanese New Wave quickly expanded the aesthetic horizon of East Asian films with new approaches and perspectives gazing at Taiwanese society and history in the 1990s. This program would like to probe into how its legacy left an impact on Taiwanese independent/art films, and how its future generations repeat separation and continuation with it. We would like to pay attention to the films which were released between 2007 and 2017. This is because most of the directors who are now actively leading after the New Wave, drew attention by releasing their debut films during this period. These directors can be divided into three groups: those who have been influenced by the New Wave directors with whom they worked together; those who used to work in the broadcasting or advertising fields and appeared with new languages and images different from the previous generation; and those who moved to Taiwan from overseas. We present the eight films including the debut or early films by the directors representing each group.

KIM Young-woo / SIFF 2022 Programmer



▷ SIFF2022 International Invitation ‘Taiwan Filmmakers after the New Wave’ List ◁

[International Invitation 1]
<Pinoy Sunday> HO Wi Ding | 2009 | Fiction | Color | 82min | (K)

[International Invitation 2]
<The Fourth Portrait> CHUNG Mong-hong | 2010 | Fiction | Color | 102min | (K)

[International Invitation 3]
<10+10> WANG Toon, WU Nien-jen, WEI Te-sheng, CHENG Wen-tang, SHEN Ko-shang, WANG Shaudi, CHEN Yu-hsun, Sylvia CHANG, CHU Yen-ping, CHEN Kuo-fu, CHANG Tso-chi, CHENG Yu-chieh, HO Wi Ding, HOU Chi-jan, Leon DAI, CHUNG Mong-hong, YANG Ya-che, HSIAO Ya-chuan, Arvin CHEN, HOU Hsiao-hsien | 2011 | Fiction | Color | 114min | (K)

[International Invitation 4]
<Together 甜.秘密> HSU Chao-Jen | 2012 | Fiction | Color | 114min | (K)

[International Invitation 5]
<Ice Poison> Midi Z | 2014 | Fiction | Color | 95min | (K)

[International Invitation 6]
<The Great Buddha+> Hsin-yao HUANG | 2017 | Fiction | B/W | 104min | (K)

[International Invitation 7]
<Missing Johnny> HUANG Xi | 2017 | Fiction | Color | 105min | (K)

[International Invitation 8]
<The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful> YANG Ya-che | 2017 | Fiction | Color | 112min | (K)