SIFF2023 Slogan: Dear Life



Dear Life


Dear Your and My Life,
A film just ended its screening today.
However, in reality, it is not over yet.

The characters in the film are not us, and
the experiences in the film do not match the life we have lived,
but the film suddenly makes us recall our secrets, sorrows, joys, and desires.
In those moments when scenes and emotions that were once invisible become clear,
it becomes clear that it is ‘not just a story but life itself.’

The happy ending of life does not seem to be in sight,
and all we have are vague expectations, but
in fact, we are doing something more important.
We are building each day despite the anxiety and uncertainty.

Each of us has not just one story but an unknown life.
We leap from yesterday’s experiences to tomorrow’s adventures,
sometimes leap towards the impossible, and
at times face harsh moments, only to start again from there.

If you ever wonder where peace and love have gone,
it is okay to seek questions to share with your dear life.
Today does not reveal everything about tomorrow.
Life is like an unsolvable riddle.
So, promise yourself to navigate through
this difficult and confusing today safely.

Dear Life, to all our dear lives,
this season will continue to connect from one film to another,
exploring what meaning it holds for us and
what determination, perspective, and actions we are preparing for.

Being glad that nothing has been decided yet,
this year’s film festival extends greetings to our dear lives
that are living it together, in place of all the films.