base station

Short showcase

박세영,연예지 | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 31min (E)

12.2(토) 15:30-16:32 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, CT, G
12.6(수) 13:40-14:42 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, G
12.8(금) 13:30-14:32 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, G

Eden and Hyunho, brother and sister, have now lived in hiding in the mountains for three years to avoid all EMFs: electromagnetic frequencies. They reside deep in South Korea's last forest standing- the last EMF safe area. The two move ‘homes’ every day; they dig a burrow in the ground, set up an EMF shielding tent, and cover it with soil and branches to disguise it. The older sister Eden believes that her younger brother Hyunho suffers from EMF sensitivity. However, Hyunho himself believes otherwise: that his condition has nothing to do with it. Hyunho misses the city life. Hyunho decides to go off course and goes down to the city, to a highway service station. He experiences an excruciating headache and faints. Eden carries Hyunho back to the forest, sets up a tent in a safe place, lies his younger brother down, then sneaks into a nearby village to steal medicine from a pharmacy. On her way back to the woods, Eden is confronted by tall standing, never-ending, peculiar looking lights.


Smoking has been a common practice for decades during the 20th century. In the past, a pregnant woman would appear in cigarette commercials. Smoking was in. It was a while before the public came aware of the devastating health effects of smoking. During this period of ignorance, the tobacco industry seems to have deliberately left the public blind, to test the results that supported the adverse effects of smoking. After several whistleblowers revealed these findings, the government began imposing regulations on the tobacco industry. At the turn of the 21st century, cigarette packs were replaced by mobile phones. Communication devices have become a prerequisite for modern life. With critical thinking and pattern recognition, before the amount of money put into refraining regulations on the industry, one cannot help but wondering whether or not we're experiencing a second "cigarette crisis." The film is a metaphor for this 'era of concealment' and digital dystopia told through the story of a brother and a sister.



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Directors PARK Sye-young, YEON Ye-ji
Producers PARK Sye-young, YEON Ye-ji
Screenwriters PARK Sye-young, YEON Ye-ji
Cinematographer PARK Sye-young
Camera Crew CHANG Younghae, HEO Gil-ryeong, LIM Juseung
Editors PARK Sye-young, YEON Ye-ji
Lighting YEON Ye-ji, WOO Yohan, LIM Youngwoo, PARK Dongjo, KO Youngmin
Music PARK Sye-young, YEON Ye-ji
Art Director YEON Ye-ji
Art Team SHIN Gwansoo , HEO Gil-ryeong, LIM Juseung
Sound KIM Hyejeong
Make-up Artist YEON Ye-ji
Cast YEON Ye-ji, WOO Yohan, LIM Youngwoo, PARK Dongjo, KO Youngmin