Short Comptetetion

KIM So-hee,JEON Do-hee | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 25min (K, E)

12.1(금) 14:20-15:42 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, K, GV, 12
12.3(일) 11:00-12:22 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, K, GV, 12
12.5(화) 20:00-21:22 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, K, GV, 12

Year 2027. Gaeul has a hearing impairment. She is troubled when the professor asks her whether she was going to participate in the graduation project to be conducted as a team. On her way back home, she tries installing ‘MYDEAR,’ a popular AI application.
“Talk to MYDEAR now.”
On the smartphone screen, a man around Gaeul’s age, stands. Gaeul talks to the man with the subtitle function of the application. The man leads the conversation with a gentle attitude. Spending time with the man becomes a daily routine, and Gaeul smiles more often.
Eventually, the subtitle function of the application disappears, and Gaeul fails to be included in the graduation project team. Gaeul starts to make efforts to communicate with ‘MYDEAR’ again.


Over the barrier, with heart. Beyond consideration, towards learning.


2023 Busan International Film Festival / Watcha Short Award, Sonje Award

KIM So-hee

KIM So-hee

2020 The Way to the sun
2021 Boy

JEON Do-hee

JEON Do-hee


Director KIM Sohee, JEON Dohee
Producer MOON Ah-young
Screenwriter JEON Dohee
Cinematographer PYO Tea-wook
Editor KIM Sohee
Lighting PYO Tea-wook
Music KIM Yunhye
Art Director JUNG Eun-soo
Cast JEON Dohee, KIM Mincheol