Waiting Sunrise

Local Cinema

HWANG Ji-eun,IM Zi seon,IM Ho-kyoung | 2022 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min (K)

12.3(일) 18:00-19:23 CGV Apgujeong 3 K, GV, 12
12.5(화) 15:20-16:43 CGV Apgujeong 2 K, GV, 12

Do-hyeon had been invited to Cannes International Film Festival with a short film, and even had a retrospective with the short films he appeared in, making him a “star” in the independent filmmaking scene. But that was ten years ago. Recently, due to the COVID19 pandemic, there are not many films being made, and there are no casting calls either looking for Do-hyeon. Do-hyeon feels miserable and helpless as if he has the corona blue. Do-hyeon goes to stay with his younger sister, an artist living at an artist residency in Jeju Island. Do-hyeon wanders around looking for a way to express himself and his world.


[Overcoming corona blue as a filmmaker]
During the pandemic, with the closure of theatres, and the failures of films to be made, there were many filmmakers who lost their social status as ‘filmmakers.’ Many were not sure if they could ‘overcome’ the uncertain reality. However, it was obvious that one had to endure the time. Do-hyeon hopes to see the sun rise over the sea horizon but is not sure if the day will be today.
[Fake Documentary: How Do-hyeon, the actor, waits for the sunrise]
The cameraman lifts the camera and asks questions to Do-hyeon, the actor who has the corona blues.


2022 제6회 강원영화제-햇시네마 페스티벌
2023 제24회 대구단편영화제
2023 제10회 춘천영화제

HWANG Ji-eun

HWANG Ji-eun

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IM Zi seon

IM Zi seon

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IM Ho-kyoung

IM Ho-kyoung



Director HWANG Ji-eun, IM Zi seon, IM Ho-kyoung
Screenwriter HWANG Ji-eun, IM Zi seon, IM Ho-kyoung
Cinematographer IM Zi seon
Editor IM Zi seon
Sound Wonder Bird
Cast IM Ho-kyoung, HWANG Ji-eun, IM Zi seon