Good morning Citizens

Feature Competition

MIN A-yeong | 2023 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 85min (K)

12.1(금) 17:30-18:55 CGV Apgujeong ART1 K, G
12.2(토) 11:00-12:25 CGV Apgujeong ART1 K, GV, G
12.5(화) 20:10-21:35 CGV Apgujeong ART1 K, GV, G

On weekdays at 8am, Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination (SADD) protests at the subway platforms in Seoul. The protest demands policy and budget for disabled people living in the community. SADD’s year-long subway action, which began in December 2021, delays subway trains during rush hour, greets incoming trains at the platform, to call out to the public. On a busy commute, on a subway that doesn't move, some are silent, some cheer, and some swear. SADD claims, "We want to move around together, to be educated together, to work together, and to live in the community together." Their repeated protests and actions on subway platforms have started to draw reaction from the government, the politicians, the media, and the citizens.


SADD, which appeared on the subway in 2022, became one of the top national issues, with their desperate demands of wanting to be “citizens.” It was the first time that the disability issue caught the attention of the general public, during the 8 years I worked in the field, progressive movement on disability issues. Every morning, I felt strange as I endured abusive language and angry eyes of non-disabled citizens. I felt the need for a story beyond the fragmented contents of the media, which is pouring out: "00 minutes of subway delay on Line 4"; "citizens' inconvenience on their way to work." It was intended to reveal the specific demands of the explosive need for “civil rights", claimed by severely disabled people, who had "invaded" into the respective daily lives of the disabled and non-disabled people, who have been leading separated lives. The film was made for the history of discrimination of each severely disabled person, to reach other citizens, hoping that there will be a day, when disabled and non-disabled people meet and greet each other as "citizens."


2023 제21회 서울장애인인권영화제 박종필상

MIN A-yeong

MIN A-yeong

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Director MIN A-yeong
Producer JANG Ho-kyung
Cinematographers MIN A-yeong, JANG Ho-kyung, PARK Myeong-hun, AN Chang-gyu, LEE Yeong-wuk, HWANG Na-ra
Editor MIN A-yeong
Cast LEE Hyung-suk, PARK Kyeong-seok, PARK Mi-ju, HA Min-ji