Short Comptetetion

CHOI Minho | 2023 | Animation | Color | DCP | 10min (E)

12.3(일) 11:00-12:24 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, GV, 12
12.5(화) 14:40-16:04 CGV Apgujeong 3 E, GV, 12
12.6(수) 15:30-16:54 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, GV, 12

A middle-aged man is sailing while losing his memory. Not knowing that his wife's voice is an auditory hallucination, he continues to talk to her. Black ash and black water. A whale with breathing difficulties. A burning continent. Oil spilling from a stranded ship. Despite his deteriorating health conditions, his last conversation with his wife, gives him the courage to chase his dream and face the waves. The world that landed on him at last, was different from what his wife had hoped for.


The earth has become a mess faster than we thought. We regularly check on fine dust levels and wear masks to go outside, we had to use air purifiers in order to breathe comfortably, and we had to wait years before being able to eat fish after polluting the sea. We have become familiar with the names of various radioactive elements, and we look for salt before the spill. The world created with convenience and greed has become far more terrible than we had imagined.


2023 디지콘6아시아한국지역어워드 금상
2023 바하리영화제
2023 중국국제그린필름위크
2023 스파크애니메이션
2023 코르툰간디아영화제
2023 인터필름베를린국제단편영화제
2023 서울인디애니페스트
2023 애니마니마국제애니메이션영화제
2023 대구단편영화제

CHOI Minho

CHOI Minho

2005 The Fishing Boats Are Full
2020 An Old Dog


Director CHOI Minho
Producer LIM Soyeon
Screenwriter CHOI Minho
Editor CHOI Minho
Music LIM Hayoung