Melting Icecream

Feature Competition

HONG Jinhwon | 2021 | Documentary | B/W | DCP | 70min (E) World Premiere


In the warehouse of the Korea Democracy Foundation, a bundle of mysterious old roll films written "Film damaged by the flood" is found. In attempts of restoring it, they visit the groups of photographers who recorded the field at the time and try following the traces of the roll film. However, as that world is restored and damaged photos are brought back, deleted worlds are discovered. The world of the many workers who fought to prevent the hell created by the protagonists of the democratization movement after they became president. In the midst of the alternateness, the landscape is gradually revealed.


In the process of restoring the film of the democratization movement that was flood stricken, we discover the desire to declare the end of “democratization,” which cannot be ended, and to make it into the past and history. It eventually resulted in heroization and mythicization. Those who were heroes of the democratization movement became presidents. And the tragedy of neo-liberalism leading to the IMF, layoffs, and non-regular workers accelerated further. Of course, even then, there were people who fought to stop that hell. People who had no other choice but to fight. And the people who recorded them. As the film and the heroes of that era were restored, the people who fought the world the heroes created disappeared. There was a certain world that was deleted the more it was restored.


World Premiere

HONG Jinhwon

HONG Jinhwon


Director HONG Jinhwon
Cinematographers LEE Seunghoon, YI Minji
Editor HONG Jinhwon
Lighting PAKR Kideok
Sound Design HONG Chosun
Cast PARK Seunghwa, SEO Younggul, LEE Jeongyong, LIM Hyungjoo